Health & Glow (Nail Envy) Base Coat Review

Health & Glow (Nail Envy) Base Coat Review

Health & Glow is an outlet where you can get beauty, skin care and hair care products too. They have various outlets through out India. They have counters from Maybelliner, ColorBar, Revlon along with their home brand, if I may say so. They have nail polishes from their brand itself. I have seen top coats available in this brand too. I wanted to review these two together but when I went to pick it up, they were out of stock 😦

Starting off, let me give you the picture of base coats in India. When you go to a beauty supply store and ask for a base coat, you either get a clear nail polish or worse, a white nail polish ( They assume base coat= base color!! Seriously? :o) I have searched for base coats online too but they are expensive! I am a student and I always tend to look for something that won’t burn a hole in my pocket. For so long, I actually thought that clear nail polish, base coats and top coats were the same thing. But now I know the difference between them.

Read on more to find out whether or not they have worked.

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