Confetti Nail art | Easy nail design

Confetti Nail art | Easy nail design

This is a ridiculously simple technique. Yet the way it turns out, a ‘commoner’ can never guess it!


VOV- Lemon Fresh (yellow)

VOV- Naughty Sky (Blue)

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 IMGA0121 IMGA0124 IMGA0123

       Watch the full tutorial here: Confetti Nail art | Easy Nail design


Pink & Silver French Nails | For Beginners

Pink & Silver French Nails | For Beginners

First off, I know I have been very inactive with my blog. Sorry about that. I have so many posts that I wanted to put up but my computer crashed 😦 From now on at least, I am gonna try and be active on my blog.

The combination of pink & silver is always adorable. I had a vague idea of what I wanted to do and it turned out so good! I am so glad that it did! It turned out to look  so festive!

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         Watch the full tutorial here: Pink & Silver French Nails

Checkered and Dots Nail art! #BTS!

Checkered and Dots Nail art

I don’t know why this nail art just reminded me of “back to school” !  I am not entirely happy with this design. I am still on the edge. I will definitely improve more! Argg! I am just not happy to share it. I am only sharing it because I want to show people that every nail art that I do doesn’t come out perfectly. There are always some flaws. And criticism from your audience is the only way to improve!



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Nail art using Floss- My outcome!

Nail art using FLOSS!

Yes, you might not be able to believe it, but this is nail art using dental floss. This gives a sophisticated effect to your nails whilst looking pretty. Here is the DIY for you 🙂

I have seen this trick all over YouTube, so I’m not sure who to credit it for 😀


1) Things you will need:

IMGA0918 - Copy

These are the possible things you will need to recreate my Mani 🙂

2) IMGA0916 - Copy

Apply a base coat and a base color. Let it dry COMPLETELY! I mean, COMPLETELY, otherwise when you use the floss, it will spoil your base color.

3)Using the floss: Remove excess polish from your brush and swipe it over the floss. In a rolling motion, apply it over your nail. You might require to put the polish onto the floss quite a few times, but the effect is worth it, Believe me!IMGA0920 - Copy

This is what it should look like after the application of first color.

Use different colors and the same method until you are satisfied.

Clean up around the edges with Q-tip and polish remover,when done 🙂

4) IMGA0929 - Copy

Apply your top coat to smooth your design and to remove any imperfections 🙂

AAAANNDDD your done! Pretty cool eh? 😉

More pictures:

IMGA0935 - Copy IMGA0936 - Copy IMGA0939 - Copy IMGA0938 - Copy IMGA0937 - Copy

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