B&W spotted nails|MSLP inspired

B&W spotted nails|MSLP inspired

This is probably the MOST easiest nail art to do, HANDS DOWN! It uses no tools. It takes like two minutes to get your entire design done. The only thing is that it does take quite sometime to dry. You won’t believe how easy this design it is, I swear!

If you are a huge nail art addict, then you definitely know who MSLP is. For those of you who don’t,check here.

She is amazing!! I look forward to her videos every Sunday. I love her!


IMGA0609 IMGA0608 IMGA0622 IMGA0614 IMGA0612

  Watch the full tutorial here: Black and white spotted nails.


[V] Power lasting Nail color, Review+Swatches!! NOTD!!

[V] Power lasting Nail color

As most of you know, I have spoken about this brand in a previous post of mine. I do not want to ramble the same thing again 😀

The packaging, price, quantity is pretty much the same! The difference is the color and the pigmentation 😀

I have included all the pictures, but I am not going to tell the things which are common in this brand 🙂



This is what the bottle looks like. The color is very similar to ‘Elle 18 color pops-shade no.69′ to a normal person. But a nail polish junkie/hoarder can easily tell them apart! That is the beauty of a trained eye 😉 Continue reading

[V] Power lasting Nail color, Review+Swatches! NOTD!

[V] Power lasting Nail color

This is probably the most unknown  brand of all time, I must say. Even in India, I doubt if many of them will know. This is a very common drugstore brand. I have seen it in so many drugstores around where I live.

For me, personally, its not the brand that matters. I am willing to work with semi-crappy formula even! But I will not work with the polishes that I don’t like. They maybe glitter, cremes, shimmer..anything for that matter. Unless my heart’s in that color, I will not put up with it even if it has the best formula and wear time 😀 If the polish stains my nails, I am done with it forever! I want my nails to be as white and healthy as possible. Staining is a big no-no for me.

I know I am a little weird, but let’s move on to the review 🙂



This is what the bottle looks like right. As you can see, it is a glitter! *jumping* Continue reading

Elle 18 Color pops Nail polish review+Swatches! NOTD!

Elle 18 Color Pops- Shade no. 69 

Elle 18 products comes under ‘affordable Indian drugstore’ products. All of their products range from Rs. 50-Rs. 200 ,which is really affordable. Some products are really, really good. Some products are average. But from all the products that I have tried, none of them are bad.

 I have already reviewed their foundation and lip smoothie. They are super affordable and they are perfect for those on budget. Today’s review is going to be elle 18 color pops in No. 69.


IMGA0366   IMGA0365

This is what the bottle looks like. Continue reading