Health & Glow (Nail Envy) Base Coat Review

Health & Glow (Nail Envy) Base Coat Review

Health & Glow is an outlet where you can get beauty, skin care and hair care products too. They have various outlets through out India. They have counters from Maybelliner, ColorBar, Revlon along with their home brand, if I may say so. They have nail polishes from their brand itself. I have seen top coats available in this brand too. I wanted to review these two together but when I went to pick it up, they were out of stock 😦

Starting off, let me give you the picture of base coats in India. When you go to a beauty supply store and ask for a base coat, you either get a clear nail polish or worse, a white nail polish ( They assume base coat= base color!! Seriously? :o) I have searched for base coats online too but they are expensive! I am a student and I always tend to look for something that won’t burn a hole in my pocket. For so long, I actually thought that clear nail polish, base coats and top coats were the same thing. But now I know the difference between them.

Read on more to find out whether or not they have worked.

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KleanColor No.133-Sheer Red, review+Swatches! NOTD!

KleanColor No.133-Sheer Red, review+Swatches! NOTD!

I mentioned in my last haul that I found Kleancolor nail polishes. I was really excited because I heard that KleanColors were good alternatives to Konad special stamping polishes.  The color choices for KleanColor was very few.

There were a couple of nudes and some silvers which I was not interested in. Looking around, I found Black and Sheer red. I was jumping with joy when I saw the sheer tint, in particular.

I have seen OPI sheer tints in so many nail blogs but I wasn’t interested. Moreover buying them online and getting them shipped would cost me a bomb. When I saw this sheer tint, I picked it up in a second. I was kinda hoping that there would be some color options but red was the only color. Oh well, something is better than nothing 😀

So let’s get onto the review 🙂



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[V] Power Lasting Nail Color glitter,Review! NOTD!

[V] Power Lasting Nail Color glitter,Review! 

Who doesn’t love glitter? Although it is hard to get off, everyone loves a little sparkle on their nails! I have learnt to work my way around glitter now. I just use my ‘DIY PEEL OFF BASE COAT’. This stuff is amazing! To whoever invented this, hallelujah!

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[V] Power lasting Nail color, Review+Swatches! NOTD!

[V] Power lasting Nail color

This is probably the most unknown  brand of all time, I must say. Even in India, I doubt if many of them will know. This is a very common drugstore brand. I have seen it in so many drugstores around where I live.

For me, personally, its not the brand that matters. I am willing to work with semi-crappy formula even! But I will not work with the polishes that I don’t like. They maybe glitter, cremes, shimmer..anything for that matter. Unless my heart’s in that color, I will not put up with it even if it has the best formula and wear time 😀 If the polish stains my nails, I am done with it forever! I want my nails to be as white and healthy as possible. Staining is a big no-no for me.

I know I am a little weird, but let’s move on to the review 🙂



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Elle 18 Color pops Nail polish review+Swatches! NOTD!

Elle 18 Color Pops- Shade no. 69 

Elle 18 products comes under ‘affordable Indian drugstore’ products. All of their products range from Rs. 50-Rs. 200 ,which is really affordable. Some products are really, really good. Some products are average. But from all the products that I have tried, none of them are bad.

 I have already reviewed their foundation and lip smoothie. They are super affordable and they are perfect for those on budget. Today’s review is going to be elle 18 color pops in No. 69.


IMGA0366   IMGA0365

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VOV ‘Makes men blush’ Review+swatches!

VOV ‘Makes men blush’ Review+swatches!

This was part of my huge haul. The very first polish that I picked up in that haul was this one. I was waiting to try out this polish for so long. I am someone who loves changing up my nail polish so often that I don’t see the actual wear time of the polishes. Even if I did wear it for long, it’d have to be for a maximum of two weeks, when it starts to chip off a little. Since I do basic household work, my chipping is minimum too 🙂

This color is No. 59- “Makes Men Blush”



This is what the bottle looks like. It resembles Maybelline’s ‘ColorShow collection’. If you place them next
to each other, it looks the same!


QUANTITY: Not mentioned in the packaging. I think it is about 7ml-8ml.


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Mini Nail polish ONLY haul !


As I was roaming around with my cousin, I couldn’t resist looking at nail polishes. They were calling out to me, I felt 😀

All the nail polish listed below are by VOV international.


IMGA0132 (2)IMGA0130 (2)IMGA0133 (2)

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