Pink & Silver French Nails | For Beginners

Pink & Silver French Nails | For Beginners

First off, I know I have been very inactive with my blog. Sorry about that. I have so many posts that I wanted to put up but my computer crashed 😦 From now on at least, I am gonna try and be active on my blog.

The combination of pink & silver is always adorable. I had a vague idea of what I wanted to do and it turned out so good! I am so glad that it did! It turned out to look  so festive!

I hope you enjoy!





         Watch the full tutorial here: Pink & Silver French Nails


Color Block Nails | Without striping tape

Color Block Nails | Without striping tape

I have always wanted to do color block mani but somehow I kept putting it off. This nail art was created the last day of my holidays before I went back to school. It was the day that I was supposed to get my results too! *Extra added pressure*

So I sat down to shoot some videos to get my mind off of my results. But still I couldn’t. I am not particularly happy with the color combination. But I knew anyway that I wouldn’t have this mani for more than 48 hours 😛

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      Watch the full tutorial here: Color Block Nails | Without striping tape

Ruffian Manicure | No tools needed!

Ruffian Manicure | No tools needed!

Black and white is a classic color combination. What else goes well with black? Red? Blue? Yellow? These are all tried color combinations. What about lilac and black? This will probably be a tried combo too 😀 But I haven’t so it doesn’t count 😛

I do not have access to those round shaped bagel like stickers ( I have seen some half moon tutorials on Youtube!). I don’t know what you call them 😛 Half moon look can be achieved even without that sticker. This is MY version of how to do it. I used only the nail stripers! This can be classified even as “Nail Art For Beginner” or “Practicing to use nail striper”.

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IMGA0672  IMGA0675 IMGA0667 IMGA0669 IMGA0670

    Watch the full tutorial here: Twisted French Manicure | Ruffian Style!


Funky French Flowers | Using ONLY dotting tool

Funky French Flowers | Using ONLY dotting tool

This is probably my most favorite nail design, simply because I love the color combo and the way it turned out. It was a last moment idea, but still it came out perfect in my book.  It is a simple DIY using your dotting tool ONLY.

As with all my tutorials, you can use any colors that you like . It is totally your preference. This is one of those few videos that I repeatedly watch simply because it amazes me every single time. I hope you enjoy watching this video, just as much as I enjoyed making it.

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IMGA0632 IMGA0634 IMGA0635 IMGA0643

    Watch the full tutorial here: Funky French Flowers!

B&W spotted nails|MSLP inspired

B&W spotted nails|MSLP inspired

This is probably the MOST easiest nail art to do, HANDS DOWN! It uses no tools. It takes like two minutes to get your entire design done. The only thing is that it does take quite sometime to dry. You won’t believe how easy this design it is, I swear!

If you are a huge nail art addict, then you definitely know who MSLP is. For those of you who don’t,check here.

She is amazing!! I look forward to her videos every Sunday. I love her!


IMGA0609 IMGA0608 IMGA0622 IMGA0614 IMGA0612

  Watch the full tutorial here: Black and white spotted nails.

Checkered and Dots Nail art! #BTS!

Checkered and Dots Nail art

I don’t know why this nail art just reminded me of “back to school” !  I am not entirely happy with this design. I am still on the edge. I will definitely improve more! Argg! I am just not happy to share it. I am only sharing it because I want to show people that every nail art that I do doesn’t come out perfectly. There are always some flaws. And criticism from your audience is the only way to improve!



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Basic Ombre | How to get a perfect ombre!

Basic Ombre

Sorry for the late post! I have been shooting a lot of videos for Youtube because I don’t wanna fall behind since my college just started. I need to keep things ready before my things get hectic.

A lot of people have difficulties with ombre/gradient nail art. Continue reading