What ‘Nail art’ means to me:

Hello! :) This is my first time blogging ! I came across many nail art blogs which made me wonder whether or not I wanted my own blog. For a long time I have been debating whether to have my YouTube channel or a blog. Finally here I am :D

I am huge nail art fan. It is my stress buster! I watch a lot of nail art videos, get inspired. I ,sometimes, create my own looks or put a twist on a design that’s already out there. I am all about doing nail art with the stuff that is easily, readily available at home. I do not have access to fancy nail art brushes, dotting tools or anything but I still manage to create similar effects :)

And also I do not own any international brands of nail polish. When I buy nail polish, I usually look for the color, affordability and availability.

Lastly, this blog is dedicated to my dearest Mum and all my friends, who have always appreciated my designs which encouraged me to start my blog :*

I love trying out new nail polishes and creating my own designs or replicating designs with my own twist. Doing nail art is my stress buster, it is my passion!

My friends have loved and appreciated all my designs. I hope you do too 🙂


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