Health & Glow (Nail Envy) Base Coat Review

Health & Glow (Nail Envy) Base Coat Review

Health & Glow is an outlet where you can get beauty, skin care and hair care products too. They have various outlets through out India. They have counters from Maybelliner, ColorBar, Revlon along with their home brand, if I may say so. They have nail polishes from their brand itself. I have seen top coats available in this brand too. I wanted to review these two together but when I went to pick it up, they were out of stock 😦

Starting off, let me give you the picture of base coats in India. When you go to a beauty supply store and ask for a base coat, you either get a clear nail polish or worse, a white nail polish ( They assume base coat= base color!! Seriously? :o) I have searched for base coats online too but they are expensive! I am a student and I always tend to look for something that won’t burn a hole in my pocket. For so long, I actually thought that clear nail polish, base coats and top coats were the same thing. But now I know the difference between them.

Read on more to find out whether or not they have worked.

DSC_0079  DSC_0078

I am not going to talk about the packaging or the brush because that’s not important.


Nothing mentioned.


Rs. 49/-

Health & Glow always have offers going on so you might get it for even lesser! There was ‘Buy 2 Get 1 Free’ offer while I went. So I got two base coats and one nail polish.




Base coat 😛


2 years.

          As you all know very well, I am a nail art enthusiast. What you might not know is, my mother is also a huge fan! All these days, I used to apply either clear polish as a “base coat” or skip it altogether, be it my nails or my mom’s. I change up my mani twice or even thrice a week because I get bored of it. My mom, on the other hand changes it once a week or so. The problem starts here! The nail art or even plain nail polish, did not last on her nails. They start chipping within 24 hours and by the end of the week, she didn’t even require acetone to remove the polish!

Initially, I thought ‘Ok she does a lot of the household work and that’s the reason they chip off so easily’. Both of us were under the same assumption. After using this base coat, her nails have stayed intact for TEN days(YES!) with minimal chipping! I was so surprised! She followed her same household routine and it lasted on HER! So definitely two thumbs up for this base coat!!

I have also started to notice that my nails do not stain if I use this base coat underneath. Usually when I use dark colors, they tend to stay on my nails and I have to buff it to get it out. With this base coat, I do not have that problem!


  • Inexpensive.
  • Good quantity.
  • It does work as a BASE COAT
  • Prevents from staining my nails.


  • Availability only in health & glow stores. But if you have one near you, it isn’t that difficult.
  • Availability also depends on the stocking of each store.

    OVERALL- I definitely recommend you to buy this base coat. It did work wonders for me. I will definitely repurchase it. I am giving it a 5/5!



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