Elle 18 Color pops Lipstick in Coral Romance | Review

Elle 18 Color pops Lipstick in Coral Romance | Review

I have spoken about the brand ‘Elle 18’ in so many posts now! It seems redundant to speak about it again! To refresh your memory, Elle 18 is an Indian drugstore brand of makeup. Well..  I wouldn’t exactly say ‘makeup’, but they have basic makeup products.

 I am not a big lipstick fan. In fact, before I purchased this one, I only had tinted lip balms, lip gloss ..stuff like that. I wanted to try a lipstick , not that I haven’t tried before! I have, before I acquired some “makeup knowledge” 😛 I also wanted to try an orange lipstick/tinted balm/gloss. So I decided to buy an ORANGE LIPSTICK! Win-Win 😀

Moving on to the review



All Elle 18 products come with a cute comic pop up art on their packaging. It is very girly.

It is pretty sturdy and travel friendly too. Nothing special about the packaging!


It does not have one but it says that it contains cocoa butter.


Rs. 125 INR.




42- Coral Romance


36 months

IMGA0434   IMGA0436

I know it is coming off as reddish-pink but trust me, its orange. It has a slight fragrance to it. They are smooth and creamy and glides smoothly. One thing that I noticed is that it goes on well, if I have moisturized my lips prior to putting the lipstick. Otherwise, it does not go well. I don’t know if it is only with this particular brand or if it is common with all kinds of lipsticks.

It has a pretty good color payoff. Especially considering the price that we are paying. It stays on for about 2-3 hours and then it vanishes. NOT FADE OFF, but actually vanish. It is great for collage going girls and those who are on a budget. I have worn this lipstick on its own, maybe once or twice. It has a semi-mat or a satin finish to it which I don’t like. I always top it off with a little bit of gloss or lip smoothie or something. When i do so, it increases the longevity. Not to a great extent though.

It is highly moisturizing on the lips . The middle of the bullet of the lipstick is apparently, jojoba oil and hence moisturizes well.





          * decent color pay off

          *easily available

           * highly moisturizing


         * no ingredient list

         * staying power.

OVERALL: A good purchase for those on a budget. I will definitely repurchase but in different colors.


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