Ruffian Manicure | No tools needed!

Ruffian Manicure | No tools needed!

Black and white is a classic color combination. What else goes well with black? Red? Blue? Yellow? These are all tried color combinations. What about lilac and black? This will probably be a tried combo too 😀 But I haven’t so it doesn’t count 😛

I do not have access to those round shaped bagel like stickers ( I have seen some half moon tutorials on Youtube!). I don’t know what you call them 😛 Half moon look can be achieved even without that sticker. This is MY version of how to do it. I used only the nail stripers! This can be classified even as “Nail Art For Beginner” or “Practicing to use nail striper”.

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IMGA0672  IMGA0675 IMGA0667 IMGA0669 IMGA0670

    Watch the full tutorial here: Twisted French Manicure | Ruffian Style!



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