Checkered and Dots Nail art! #BTS!

Checkered and Dots Nail art

I don’t know why this nail art just reminded me of “back to school” !  I am not entirely happy with this design. I am still on the edge. I will definitely improve more! Argg! I am just not happy to share it. I am only sharing it because I want to show people that every nail art that I do doesn’t come out perfectly. There are always some flaws. And criticism from your audience is the only way to improve!





                      Watch the full tutorial here: Checkered and Dots Nail art #BTS


5 thoughts on “Checkered and Dots Nail art! #BTS!

  1. Hi, I’m new to your blog (Its very cute btw!) I think your being hard on yourself but I know what its like to not be happy with your work. I think it looks great, it does remind me of back to school aswell, children with rucksacks/lunch boxes and what not 🙂 xx


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