Basic Ombre | How to get a perfect ombre!

Basic Ombre

Sorry for the late post! I have been shooting a lot of videos for Youtube because I don’t wanna fall behind since my college just started. I need to keep things ready before my things get hectic.

A lot of people have difficulties with ombre/gradient nail art. I have also heard people say that “not all colors work for gradient”. Certainly NOT! This is not at all a complicated technique unlike water marble where one can actually say that “not all colors work”.

Generally an ombre/gradient is done with colors of the same family. I have always loved NEON ombre/gradients. They are really summery and bright and girly. I always seem to get really good results while sponging.

One tip that I’d like to share. I just wet my sponge a little bit , just a teeny-weeny bit so that the colors hold on to the sponge well. This might just be the difference between you getting a good gradient and a bad one.

A top coat is a MUST!! Top coat is what blends it perfectly and gives the effect .

I generally don’t mask my cuticle area, I just clean it up. Watch my video and learn how to make clean up easier as well 😉

I put up a lot of videos on Youtube, please make sure to subscribe!



      Watch the full tutorial here: Basic Ombre | How to get a perfect ombre!

Happy POlishing!!


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