KleanColor No.133-Sheer Red, review+Swatches! NOTD!

KleanColor No.133-Sheer Red, review+Swatches! NOTD!

I mentioned in my last haul that I found Kleancolor nail polishes. I was really excited because I heard that KleanColors were good alternatives to Konad special stamping polishes.  The color choices for KleanColor was very few.

There were a couple of nudes and some silvers which I was not interested in. Looking around, I found Black and Sheer red. I was jumping with joy when I saw the sheer tint, in particular.

I have seen OPI sheer tints in so many nail blogs but I wasn’t interested. Moreover buying them online and getting them shipped would cost me a bomb. When I saw this sheer tint, I picked it up in a second. I was kinda hoping that there would be some color options but red was the only color. Oh well, something is better than nothing 😀

So let’s get onto the review 🙂



This what the bottle looks like. The cap, gives you good control over the application.

IMGA0406      IMGA0404

The brush is comparatively thick. It is good. I like it 🙂



Butyl acetate, ethyl acetate,nitrocellulose,ophthalmic. annhydride/trimelutic, annhydride/glycol, copolymer, acetyl tributyl citrate,isopropyl alcohol and others. (I could not read the teeny-tiny font of the ingredients list!)

PRICE: I bought it for 78 INR. I recently went back to the same store only to find many other colors as well, which costed the same.


The quantity is pretty good for the price you pay. Maybelline is 9ml for 75 INR!

CLAIMS: None that I know of.

The consistency of this polish is very sheer, OBVIOUSLY, since it is a sheer tint. I have read on so many blogs and have heard in so many videos that the smell of Kleancolor polishes are horrible and unbearable. It is kinda true. It is NOT unbearable, but workable.

Red is my second favorite color and anything in red, you can never go wrong. It is a classic color. I am completely in love with the COLOR. Even though I own quite a few red, this one is a nice addition to my stash.

Now coming to the actual problem 😀 I have just 2-3 ideas using this sheer tint ALONE. Can I use it as a jelly polish as well? I have no idea. Also, now it has got me wondering what the difference is between a sheer tint and a jelly polish. I am happy to have a different finish polish in my stash but what is the use of having it, if you don’t know what to do with it or if you do not use it? Maybe I should have bought another glitter polish. I am  totally confused now.

Moving on to the swatches. They are just one coat, no top coat. Like I said, I was in a dilemma while swatching  this polish. So I just did one coat.






*affordable, if available (in India). You can buy them online if you want.

*There are no Indian brands which have sheer tints,as yet. So this is a nice addition if you can’t find the OPI one. But this is NOT a dupe!

* good quantity for the price.


*They have a bad smell.

*availability at Indian stores.

*I don’t know what to do with them!!! *sob sob*

OVERALL: It is a ok. Nothing to rave about. Not a must have, unless you are a polish hoarder like me! 😀 I hope that I eventually come up with creative ideas to use this sheer tint! That’s all I can say!



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