[V] Power Lasting Nail Color glitter,Review! NOTD!

[V] Power Lasting Nail Color glitter,Review! 

Who doesn’t love glitter? Although it is hard to get off, everyone loves a little sparkle on their nails! I have learnt to work my way around glitter now. I just use my ‘DIY PEEL OFF BASE COAT’. This stuff is amazing! To whoever invented this, hallelujah!

Coming to the nail polish, I have already written an in-depth review of this brand here. There are just a few very little changes, which I would like to mention 🙂



The glitter is gorgeous-ness in a bottle! It reminds me of Christmas when I see it. It contains ONLY green bar glitters in a green-tinted base.

I love this glitter! It is perfect for St. Patrick’s Day as well.

The quantity, price and everything else is the same as the previous ones. So I will not go through that !

I layered it over ‘Elle 18 Colo Pops-Shade No. 69′. As you can see, it leaves a slight green tint to the base color.


1 coat

The above swatch is a single coat.

 1 coat




*Good quantity

*decent coverage

*decent pigmentation

*Good, if they are available


*Since there are no names or numbers on the bottles, it is difficult to repurchase.

* This brand isn’t available online, so again, availability is an issue.

* Even if you find this brand, the chances of finding the exact polishes are slim. Basic cremes are available all round.

OVERALL: Its GLITTER! Of course, I’m gonna love it! ❤



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