[V] Power lasting Nail color, Review+Swatches!! NOTD!!

[V] Power lasting Nail color

As most of you know, I have spoken about this brand in a previous post of mine. I do not want to ramble the same thing again 😀

The packaging, price, quantity is pretty much the same! The difference is the color and the pigmentation 😀

I have included all the pictures, but I am not going to tell the things which are common in this brand 🙂



This is what the bottle looks like. The color is very similar to ‘Elle 18 color pops-shade no.69′ to a normal person. But a nail polish junkie/hoarder can easily tell them apart! That is the beauty of a trained eye 😉


The brush and the bottle. Again, please check my previous post for more details 🙂


That color is freaking gorgeous! It a pure creme polish. It is a picky coral polish with a little bit of red undertone. It is perfect for spring and summer. This polish might work well while creating flowers or something girly like that ❤ It can be opaque in a single coat. I love such polishes! You can go over the polish with a thin second coat, so that your nail line doesn’t show up 🙂

The swatches below, do not have any top coat on. It still looks glossy!

Please excuse the thing sticking out of my index finger. I was trying to set up my camera after painting the nail. Stupid me! 😛


This is a single coat. You can still see the nail line, if you look closely.



This is two coats.






*Good quantity

*decent coverage

*decent pigmentation

*Good, if they are available


*Since there are no names or numbers on the bottles, it is difficult to repurchase.

* This brand isn’t available online, so again, availability is an issue.

* Even if you find this brand, the chances of finding the exact polishes are slim. Basic cremes are available all round.

OVERALL: I definitely love this color! I wish they had names or numbers on them for easier identification, but nonetheless I’d repurchase this color, IF I find it AGAIN ( I doubt that!)



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