Easy Watermelon Nail art! DIY!!

 Easy Watermelon Nail art

Some times, I randomly paint my nail with a base color without having an idea of what to paint on it. Most of the times, I wouldn’t let it be just one color. I figure, that sometimes, if I have mind-block I can just pair the base over a glitter or a complimentary accent nail. Sometimes, I just go through Pintrest board trying to get an idea off of my board. Although I pin only those ideas which I assume I can do, I always save it! 😀 During one such times, I was going through my Instagram feed, when I saw a post by ‘ ‘Nailpolis‘ that had a watermelon badge to be unlocked. I jumped on board with it immediately! It turned out to be really good. I hope you enjoy 🙂







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Happy Polishing!!

  Watch the full tutorial here: How to do watermelon Nails?


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