[V] Power lasting Nail color, Review+Swatches! NOTD!

[V] Power lasting Nail color

This is probably the most unknown  brand of all time, I must say. Even in India, I doubt if many of them will know. This is a very common drugstore brand. I have seen it in so many drugstores around where I live.

For me, personally, its not the brand that matters. I am willing to work with semi-crappy formula even! But I will not work with the polishes that I don’t like. They maybe glitter, cremes, shimmer..anything for that matter. Unless my heart’s in that color, I will not put up with it even if it has the best formula and wear time 😀 If the polish stains my nails, I am done with it forever! I want my nails to be as white and healthy as possible. Staining is a big no-no for me.

I know I am a little weird, but let’s move on to the review 🙂



This is what the bottle looks like right. As you can see, it is a glitter! *jumping*

It is a dusted rose color. I did not have anything similar to this, hence I picked it up 🙂 I am glad I did.

The packaging is neat. Nothing to rave about. A silver cap and a usual body to the bottle. Not extravagant.

PRICE: I paid 25 INR, but it varies.

QUANTITY: 12ml. Wonderful, I must say! 😛

 IMGA0380   IMGA0382

This is the consistency of the polish (L). That is how the polish looks from the top (R)


This is what the brush looks like. Not too thick. It works average.

CLAIMS: None that I know of!


Look at that! Man! It is a clear base polish. It is a dusted rose-gold color. It looks pink under certain lights and it looks gold under certain lights. It consists of shredded glitter, along with some micro hex glitters, which are probably not visible in the bottle. But you can surely see them on your nails. They have decent coverage in the first coat itself. But you do need to go over a second coat for better coverage. All the swatches below have no top coat. The base I used is “VOV-Makes Men Blush


One coat


Two coat





          *Good quantity

          *decent coverage

          *decent pigmentation

          *Good, if they are available


        *Since there are no names or numbers on the bottles, it is difficult to repurchase.

       * This brand isn’t available online, so again, availability is an issue.

       * Even if you find this brand, the chances of finding the exact polishes are slim. Basic cremes are available all round.

OVERALL: I like this glitter polish! Of course, who doesn’t 😉 I would like it even better if they had names on them so it’d be easy to repurchase. Also, I don’t know if ‘[v] power lasting’ is the name of their company or their line of products or anything. Although, I do have some polishes from this “brand”. Ingredients not mentioned either. I am still on the fence about this brand.



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