DIY peel off base coat with just water and glue!! Quick!!


I was clearing out unwanted polishes, by ‘unwanted’ I mean the empty ones and goopy unfix-able ones 😦 I wanted to make a peel-off base coat with one of the bottles. So I decided, why not share it with you guys!

 This peel-off base coat has saved me from so many
occasions where I had put on chunky glitter and I had to use a ton of acetone to get it off! This is my ratio of glue to water which works wonders for me!

Along the way, I learnt few tips and tricks that I am going to share with you today. This is my second bottle of this peel-off base coat.

First off, always make sure that your bottle is very clean and dry. I cleaned my bottle by putting thinner and left it overnight. I filled about three-quarters of the bottle.  This is to break down the polish molecules.  Then I shook up the bottle a couple of times, emptied the bottle and left it upside down for an hour onto a newspaper so that if there was any polish left, it’d come off. I rinsed it again with some acetone and sun-dried it.

Also, when you are applying this base coat, make sure your nails are oil free! I had just finished my nail care routine. At the end of this routine, I moisturize my nails. Well, if you are using this peel off base coat after that, DON’T!! They will not adhere to your nails at all. I did that when I was a beginner. If you want to get rid off it, wash your nails will soap. This might dry your nails, yes! But you can apply your cuticle butter/oil/moisturizer after you have done your manicure and it’s completely set!

These are my two MOST important tips! I highly recommend this peel-off base coat, especially if you love glitters!



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