Mini Nail polish ONLY haul !


As I was roaming around with my cousin, I couldn’t resist looking at nail polishes. They were calling out to me, I felt 😀

All the nail polish listed below are by VOV international.


IMGA0132 (2)IMGA0130 (2)IMGA0133 (2)

This is a beautiful pinkish reddish color which has NO tinge of orange! I don’t know why it is names ‘orange pearl’. It is gorgeous color for summer and spring! Opaque in one coat, which is what I love about it! It does not streak. It is a cream finish 🙂

2) Stimulo

IMGA0134 (2) IMGA0136 (2) IMGA0137 (2)

This is kind of a nude-ish tan-ish color with a orange undertones to it. Looks gorgeous in the bottle and it takes just one coat to get the color in the bottle. Again, it has a cream finish and it did not streak. Definitely, one of my favorites!

3) Lovely Kelly

IMGA0141 (2) IMGA0145 (2) IMGA0147 (2) IMGA0143 (2)

‘Lovely Kelly’ is really lovely in the bottle. It is a light green with heavy silver shimmer in it. Sadly, it did not transfer well onto my nails. Moreover, it looked different on the bottle and once I swatched it, it looked like ‘Colorbar Exclusive 60‘ which I reviewed two months ago. With this color, I was disappointed 😦

4) Pure Thoughts

IMGA0148 (2) IMGA0152 (2) IMGA0151 (2)

The last one is a pure white cream. I use white very much and I finished up two bottles of white in 6 months. So I picked this up. Nothing special about this, opaque in two coats. Just a pure white.. i.e. “pure thoughts” 😀

I hope you enjoyed this mini haul, would love to know your thoughts 🙂


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