Mini Makeup Review!

Mini make up Review

I know I have been long overdue. I have been just incredibly busy since my last post and then I was in no mood to blog.. and Hence I’m late. My apologies, ladies! But on the positive side, I got to use these products a lot, which would give me a better understanding to review them 🙂

Today I’m here to review two makeup products. One is a foundation by Elle 18 and the other is a Kajal by Lakme in the ‘eyeconic range’.

1) Elle 18 Foundation

IMGA0953 - Copy  IMGA0955 - Copy

This is what it looks like. It is a tube of 30g at Rs. 150. I purchased the shade ‘Coral’ which matched my skin tone.

IMGA0009 (2)

This is what it looks like before blending in.

IMGA0012 (2)

This is what it looks like after blending in.

OVERALL THOUGHTS: I used this foundation a couple of times. I’m not much of a makeup girl. My idea of makeup is just kajal and eyeliner. I bought this for a special occasion. It is perfect for me! It gives slight coverage which I love. Personally, a medium coverage or a full coverage makes me look like a ghost. I prefer this! I used this and roamed around in the hot sun which made me sweat like crazy but still, when I clicked photos, my face didn’t look dull. That is what I wanted 🙂 Priced at Rs. 150/-, it is available in 4 shades. It has a very flower-y girly smell to it. It ‘s pleasant 🙂 The packaging is in the form of a tube, hence travel-friendly. Easy and simple to use as well 🙂 Honestly, I’m in love with this.

2) Lakme EyeConic Kajal-Blue



This is what the pencil looks like 🙂

 IMGA0014 (2)

Swatch with flash:

IMGA0017 (2)

Swatch without flash:

IMGA0018 (2)

IMGA0015 (2)

OVERALL VIEW: I used this along with the elle 18 foundation and it is perfect! I have been using the black one for quite sometime so I knew, when I was purchasing that this was a good investment 😀 It is priced at Rs. 250/- It is smooth and creamy. The applicator is buttery and goes on well. It is opaque. Easy to apply but kinda hard to remove. As given on the packaging “12-hours smudge-proof water-proof” it so it! It is totally worth the money. I am definitely looking forward to purchasing more colors except ,the white one, of course! 😀

As always, would love to know your thoughts 🙂


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