Color Cosmetics Nail polish review+ Swatches!!

Color cosmetics

IMGA0972 - Copy

As mentioned in my haul here, these were a set of three new nail polishes that I purchased because they were glitter!! If you people follow me, You know that I am a nail polish junkie and any new type of nail polish in the market, I MUST HAVE! 😀

I showed the swatches of this to my friends and they were shocked! They loved it so much. Enough of me blabbering, let’s get into the review 🙂

1) Shade number-24

 IMGA0979 - Copy      IMGA0977 - Copy

This is the first one that I picked up.

IMGA0978 - Copy

It contains big white hex glitter, medium holographic hex glitter, small and medium sized hex gold glitter,small hex green glitter and white shreds. Phew, that’s a lot 😀 I’m not sure of what else shape/size/color of glitter might be present 😛 But it is brilliant when applied.

IMGA0992 - Copy IMGA0991 - Copy

It is a one coat-er. I haven’t tried it over my bare nail but it looks gorgeous on a base color. I used Street Wear “vivian Yellow” for the base.

2)Shade No-29

 IMGA0980 - Copy

I was looking for some red glitter and this one instantly caught my eye. This one is a beauty!

IMGA0983 - Copy

It consists of black,red,gold medium sized hex glitter, small sized black and gold glitter, white shreds. That is all that I see through the naked eye. This one, I was kinda disappointed with the way it looked. Or maybe the base color wasn’t good enough.

IMGA0994 - Copy IMGA0993 - Copy

This is the swatch. I used a Lilac as my base. I might try this over another base. Any suggestions?

3) Shade No-21

IMGA0986 - Copy

I think this one my most favorite of all! I love blue and shades of blue. This one was an obvious choice to buy 😛

IMGA0985 - Copy

It consists of medium sized light blue and white hex glitters,white shredded bar glitter, tiny blue and white hex shaped glitter and big hex shaped white glitter. I paired it with black, and OMG, it looked amazing!!

IMGA0996 - Copy IMGA0997 - Copy

I used Color Bar “76-exclusive“. It looks drop-dead gorgeous! I love this.

All the three colors were priced at Rs. 48/-

PACKAGING: It comes in a cute round bottle and a kitten’s face drawn on the cap.

APPLICATION: As with glitter, you have you work your way while applying it. So is this. One coat is enough to get a good coverage on your nails. Over all, decent.

Overall Rating-4/5 (one less, because it is difficult to find)


Hell yeah!! Only if I find them in the stores 😉

Which one is your favorite?


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