Neon Matte Pastel Vintage Floral Nail Art

Neon Matte Pastel Vintage Floral Nail Art

I wanted to something fun and girls and summer-y! I had an nailartist’s block( Like writer’s block) If that’s a thing 😀 I went through YouTube and found vintage nails on ‘CUTEPOLISH’ channel. This is what inspired me to do this fun nail art 🙂

I absolutely love this design! I hope you enjoy the tutorial.


IMGA0869 (2)

Started off with a base coat and applied this neon color as my base. It is more yellow-green that it comes off on the camera. This color is tricky to photograph!


IMGA0877 (2)

I added some striped using white. You can also do this with the tape method but I prefer freehand.


IMGA0879 (2) IMGA0881 (2)

Using a pastel color, add some blobs of that color on your nails. Apply them randomly.

Wipe of the polish on the bottle and gently dab it on 🙂

4) IMGA0895 (2)

Using a darker color, I used red, Just outline the blobs of the color with it. Apply some dots inside. Add green color around the leaves to give it a flower look. All of this can be done with a toothpick.

Apply your top coat to seal in the design or you can add a matte top coat, if you prefer. Voila! You are done 🙂


IMGA0894 (2)

IMGA0893 (2)

IMGA0892 (2)

IMGA0891 (2)

IMGA0890 (2)

IMGA0889 (2)

Would love to know your feedback 🙂


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