BIRTHDAY HAUL+reviews and thoughts along with SWATCHES!


These are the AMAZING things that I received/purchased for my birthday ^_^ I am so excited to share it with you! This haul is pretty big, so please be patient 😀

Please excuse my swatch pictures of the nail polish. I did not have artificial nails which were empty so I had to remove polish from the ones that I had used.

The first set was received, as a birthday gift for my birthday. I was on top of the world when I saw them! I couldn’t contain my excitement!



This was the bag it came it. As soon as I saw COLORBAR, I was sure it was nail polish 😀 My friends know how much of nail art junkie I am. There was no surprise that I was gonna get nail polish but I din’t  know that it would be THIS brand, mainly because I haven’t seen it anywhere around here.

Inside the bag:


eeeee Glitter polish!!! excited excited excited!! No words to describe!!

The first three colors are from their Exclusive Line. The glitter was from ‘glitterati’ top coat ( I  think) You can check out the exact line from here .


These were the four colors 🙂


1) Shade no/name: 46-EXCLUSIVE

??????????????????????????????? IMGA0821


The first one is RED. This is a pure cream polish, no shimmer, no glitter. It has a slight pink-orange undertone to it.


 IMGA0854 IMGA0851

Looks opaque in two coats. The above image, I used one coat. The drying time is about 2-4 mins. You can get away with a single coat too.

2) Shade no/name: 79-EXCLUSIVE

??????????????????????????????? IMGA0823 IMGA0824


This one is also a pure cream polish. THE PERFECT black! No undertone shimmer or anything of that sort. Just a pure cream black. Drying time is same as red.


IMGA0855 IMGA0856

I applied a single coat here also. Looked completely opaque in a single coat.

3)shade no/name:60-EXCLUSIVE

 ??????????????????????????????? IMGA0827 IMGA0826

This is a green metallic polish. I have nothing like this in my collection. It has slight silver tone to it. It is BEAUTIFUL ! drying time is same as red


IMGA0857 IMGA0858

It takes just one coat to get the color in the bottle. Usually light colors are streaky, but this is not at all streaky.



4) shade no/name: BLUE TRANCE

??????????????????????????????? IMGA0832 IMGA0835

The absolute BEST color that I received! a glitter polish!!!

I already swatched these and put it up on my instagram link. Click here

It took two coats to get the opacity. I wanted heavy glitter so  I applied two coats. One coat would do too 🙂

5) Dazzler Eye liner:

??????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????

It is a shimmery blue eye liner. I have been looking for this everywhere! and I got it as a gift! How convenient!



It is definitely not water proof but it does take sometime to wash away. That’s a good thing I guess 😉

The ones I am going to review now were purchased by me 🙂


I went to buy polish remover and returned with this 😛

1) Foot Scrub:


It is a steel foot scrub. Hands down, the best one ever!! Soak your feet in warm water and scrub them using this scrub. It helps with cracks and stuff. LOVE IT!

2)Clear top coat:


The only one that was available. As I was running out of clear top coat, I purchased it.

3) Lakhme Nail polish remover:

It is the best. Just few drops is enough to remove all 5 fingers. Worth every penny! It costs 65 INR. Standard rates everywhere.

4)elle 18 lip smoothie:

??????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????

This is the elle 18 lip smoothie in the shade “peach afterglow”.  A very nude muted color. There were 5 other shades, but I wanted a nude one.



It smells really wonderful. Keeps your lips moisturized for quite sometime. I guess it is quite sheer, I have only tried it once. Will let you know more when I use them more 🙂

Well, that’s the end of my haul. Hope you liked it. Which one is your fav?


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