Ombre Tribal Print

Ombre Tribal Print

I was too lazy and bored to get inspired every time I wanted to do a new mani. So I decided to participate in ‘The Nail Art Challenge- March’ . I decided to do the 4th one 🙂 I couldn’t do Mar 2nd and Mar 6th because I decided TODAY. So I’m starting from 9th 🙂

Hopefully I’ll be able to keep it up !

For Mar 9th, the theme was Tribal print. Here’s my mani, which is a DIY:


Things you’ll need: Two different colors, a glitter polish, a sponge, paintbrush to do the tribal print, a black acrylic paint. I used eye liner, to draw because I can erase it with water if I dont want to. But MAKE SURE to add a top coat once it is completely dry. You can use Black polish too 🙂 Vaseline, to apply around your cuticles so that clean-up is easier!

IMGA0773 (2)

After applying a base coat, I applied one layer of white just to give the ombre a base.

IMGA0781 (2)

Apply your two colors onto the sponge as shown.



Sponge them onto your nails. The number of coats will depend on the colors and the brand that you are using. It took about 2 coats for me.

IMGA0784 (2)

I applied a coat of glitter polish, because I love GLITTER 😀 but that’s upto you.

IMGA0804 (2)


Using the black, I drew a simple tribal print where the colors overlapped each other. Apply top coat and your done!

More pictures:

IMGA0790 (2)

IMGA0791 (2)

IMGA0792 (2)


would love to know your thoughts 🙂



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