Dress Inspired nails!


This was the dress that inspired me to do nail art. I was running out of ideas, that I liked! So I went through my pintrest board and found this cute dress which inspired me! 🙂Screenshot_2014-03-02-16-38-22

As usual, I applied my base coat. I applied blue on all my nails except my ring finger, which I painted white. I used it as an accent to represent the belt, AND I really liked the blue-red-white color combo too 😛

IMG_20140302_144811 (2)

For the small polka dots, I used tooth pick dipped in white polish. For the accent nail, I used a paint brush to draw the bow and filled it in with the brush ^_^

Here are the images taken under different lights 🙂



IMG_20140302_161050 (2) IMG_20140302_161101 (2) IMG_20140302_161110 (2) IMG_20140302_161141 (2) IMG_20140302_161158 (2)


IMG_20140302_172727 (2)

This design is a little girly and I love blue! So its PERFECT!! I love this mani, but doesn’t mean I won’t remove it off within few days 😀

As always, I love your comments!! :*


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