Fish-y Sauce


Yup I know it is the most weirdest name 😀

I used two colors for each finger, the lightest one as the base and the darker one for the ‘fish’

IMG_20140223_153625 - Copy

It’s spring here and I decided to do something fun, bright and colorful. This idea, was inspired by Lisa, from ‘thepolishplayground‘ 🙂

IMG_20140223_153636 - Copy IMG_20140223_153625 - Copy

She did it by the stamping method. I drew them on my mom’s nails 🙂 Although they are far from being perfect, I love the way they turned out. My mom, who has no patience, smudged her little finger 😦

IMG_20140223_172614 - Copy

Over all, I personally would give this mani a 3/5 😀

here is the link to the original post which inspired me. click HERE

I would love to know your thoughts on it 🙂


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