It’s been sometime since I posted my haul. I bought four new polishes. So here’s my take on it!

Here’s the reason why I purchased the first three colors: My mom bought a few things at the store ( without my consent and knowledge 😀 ) which were of no use to me. When I went to return it, I exchanged them for nail polish instead. These aren’t the brands that I usually go for, but I had to. Because she wouldn’t give me money 😦




The very first color I chose, actually, this was chosen by my mom who LOVES pink (surprise surprise!). It is a cream polish with a slight tinge of red. The formula looks pretty good but of course I will not know about it unless I swatch them. This pink is in between a baby pink and lotus pink color. Alas, it has got no name 😦





This is the PERFECT definition of a chocolate brown. It is a cream polish too! Although I am not a big fan of chocolate, I love this color and I can’t wait to try it on ❤ The formula of this looks pretty good too. Again, NO NAME 😦



Ever since I saw this color on my friend’s nails, I wanted to get my hands on it. Within a week, I purchased this 😀 It is by Elle 18. It has no name, but the shade is No. 61. It is a blue with green undertone, or should I say green with blue undertone? I’m not sure 😀





This last one is beautiful blue with lot of glitter in it. Again, picked this up for the gorgeous glitter in it. You can NEVER have too many, right? 😉  this has no name too 😦


I haven’t swatched any of these. I’ll do it once I have some time 😀




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