Maybelline Baby Lips Review+ Haul

Maybelline Baby Lips Review+ haul

Here it is! My very first Product review and haul!

I have used a ton of chap stick on my lips. I have loved some, I have liked some, I hated some too ! The ones that I hated, was given to my mom 😀

No matter how many chap stick you try, no matter how many you love, There’s always a need to search for a new one. ( Or Am I the only one ? :D)

Today I am going to review the rage of India- Maybelline Baby Lips.

I was using the shade ‘Mango Pie’ all these days. Once it was empty, I wanted to buy a new shade. I have been waiting to get my hands on ‘Berry Crush’ for so long! And here they are ❤



IMGA0735  ???????????????????????????????

I purchased baby lips long before the advertisements were out. I purchased it about 6 months ago, it was empty just last week.

I thought I had many more days of baby lips left, but I realized it when I was running late as I felt the plastic on lips while applying. (As you can see in the above picture). This was one of the very first chap-sticks that I have COMPLETELY used ! 😛

It lasts about 4 hours without a meal and about 2-2.5 hours with a meal,Contrary to what it says on the pack.

Mango Pie: It is colorless. It has a slight Mango-ey smell to it, which I love. The packaging is really cute! Pink color stick with ‘BABY LIPS’ written in yellow.

Berry Crush: It is a colored chap-stick. It imparts very little color on your lips, unlike the Nivea ones, which makes your lips look like it’s been coated with lipstick. If you are someone who have been using chap-stick which is transparent (Like me!) , I recommend you NOT to buy Berry Crush because there’s a vast difference when you apply a colored one( which is pretty noticeable!)

IMGA0731 IMGA0733


*Both these flavors costs 150/- INR.

*They are easily available in any medical store.

*They are cute and adorable package!

*Easy to take while travelling.


* My only ‘con’ is I wish they lasted longer! 😦


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