[v] Power Lasting Nail color Review+Haul

[v] Power lasting nail polish

Although I had a bad experience with this brand previously, with the RED color, the one that I had purchased prior to that ( which was a light color) was pretty good. So in my mind, I thought ‘Maybe only the dark colors are bad’ which I why I picked up this pretty Lilac color.

I did see a red based, bar-like thing glitter polish of the same brand, because I had a bad experience with dark polishes of this brand, I decided to not buy it 😀

This one was in my wish list from a very long time.

The formula is AAMMZZAAIINNGGG! It took just one coat to get it the opacity that I needed!

The brush is pretty good and the bottle is a pretty big too. I say, its worth it !

Lilac is my new favorite ❤


Do you like this color?



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