Polka Dots+Tape= Polka Tape??

Polka Tape  😛

I wanted to do a pretty simple design for my nails today. The last one that I did for my nails were the ‘Minion Nails‘ so I wanted to do designs that were simple, yet I wanted to implement something along with it as i did not want it to be too simple. So i thought to myself, ‘Why not do polka dots with tape!!’

Although they are not eye-catchy, I liked the fact that it was pretty simple 🙂

Also, this is my entry for a January reinvention hosted few known names. For more information on it, click HERE

I applied three coats of my base coat, white as it was very shear. You can use any base coat of your choice, but as I said earlier I wanted it to be simple, clean and pretty.


Cut sellotape pieces randomly and place it on your nail. If you are a perfectionist, then you can do all your nails in the same way… But I am not 😀

I chose few colors, neon ones 😀 I used three different dotting tools to do my dots. I don’t have a dotting tool, but I have alternatives, click ‘HERE‘ to check it 🙂



I dotted neon pink first.


Followed by purple. Place the dots all over your nails, including the tape. Don’t be conscious about it 🙂

Then I dotted Fluorescent using a big dotting tool.

Then Orange 🙂

followed by a blue!

Remove the tape.

If you aren’t happy with it entirely, go back in with your dotting tools and adjust it 🙂



As always, I love reading your comments and views!



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