Galaxy Nailz 2.0

Galaxy Nails 2.0

My friends were here yesterday, they particularly were very excited to get their nails done 🙂 I was too, because I usually do my nails and my mom’s. This was the very first time that I got to do it for others and I was worried how it would turn out. Luckily they did come out quite as imagined in my head 😀

I know that I have done galaxy nails before. My friend loved it so much that she didn’t want anything else on her nails. Plus, she had very short nails. Comparatively, I would say this is an improvement.






As used in the previous galaxy nails, I used Starry Night’ as my base coat.I dabbed a little bit f the ‘Pink Sand‘ and a deep purple color to give the nebula effect. I applied ‘Moonlight’ as the top coat.



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