Minion Nails

Minion Nails

This was sent to me by one of my friends ( A guy, do you believe it :D) I love minions too, so I decided to minion nails inspired by this picture down below. He just sent this pic over whatsapp, I searched it over the internet to give credits, but I couldn’t find it 😦

 This is what was my inspiration


Both my black paints have become so thick, I just realized it when I opened the bottle. It started sticking a lot and became thready like which is why it got all over the yellow 😦

Index finger

Middle finger

Ring finger


Ring finger, absolute best!

This ring finger is my absolute favorite 😀






I wanted to see how it looked with B&W effect 😛

The colors really show up on the camera !

I hope that this is as close to my ‘inspiration’ My friends loved it ❤ Hope you do too.

I love reading your comments, make sure you leave one 🙂


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