DIY glitter

DIY glitter

Step 1: I used a star-shaped sequin glitter and fine glitter, that’s my secret 😀
Step 2: Things you will need- A clear nail polish, a newspaper, a funnel,a toothpick, scissors .
Clear Nail polish-Well, you are doing your DIY glitter with it 😛
Newspaper- I used this so as to keep my table clean.
Funnel- I made a funnel from a sheet of paper. I used this because i didn’t want glitter on my hands, and I wanted glitter to smoothly go into the bottle.
Toothpick- I mixed the nail polish using tooth pick.
Scissors-They were used to cut a hole in the funnel.

Step 3- Use a scissors and cut the funnel so as to fit onto the polish bottle.

Step 4-Place the funnel on the bottle as shown.

Step 5- Put Glitter through the funnel and into the polish.

Step 6- Put the star-shaped sequin glitter into the bottle.

Step 7- Use a toothpick ( Or any pointy thing that will go into your polish) and mix well.

Step 8- Shake the bottle.

Step 9- Use it 😛

They are absolutely perfect for ‘Galaxy Nails’



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