New Additions!

New Additions!

After so long ( about 15 days :D) , I finally purchased these two colors ( my exams are going on btw 😛 ) The Swatch for ‘Starry nails’, click here
The bronze-ish gold-ish color, is called ‘Charged up you’ It is a perfect metallic color which goes well with all Silk sarees ( MOM!)
The glittery blue-green is called ‘Starry night’ ( I love the name ❤ ). It is ABSOLUTELY PERFECT for galaxy nails! I have been searching so long for the color, I Found it! Yaayy!
Both are from VOV brand, I love this brand. It is always available whenever I go nail-polish shopping 🙂 The bottle is priced at Rs. 40/- Not bad, eh ? 😉



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