Things You will need:
A base coat and a top coat, a red, white nail polish ( any brand/ shade of your choice),

nail brush, nail polish remover, cotton.

Things I used: Red colour- VOV cherry red
White colour- I used some random white polish that i purchased 2 months

Nail brush- I don’t have a nail brush. Instead I used my eye-liner brush

of an empty bottle 😀

Inspiration: My ironing table cloth 😛

1. Apply your base coat and a solid white base.
2. Appy red colour on either side of the nail. Make sure your brush isn’t goopy while

applying it on the sides, else it will cover up your entire nail.
3. Apply similarly to all your nails.
4. LET THEM DRY COMPLETELY (otherwise it ruins your design).
5. Take your nail art brush, dipped in white color and draw curvy lines throughout your

6. Voila! its done. Let it dry, then apply your top coat and your manicure is done 😉

Simple isn’t it?


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