NewU Nail Polish Review+Swatches

NewU Nail Polish Review+Swatches

NewU is an online beauty store and retailers in India specializing in beauty products. They also have several outlets in different cities. Just like Health & Glow outlets, they have few counters as well. They also have Sally Hansen nail polishes here. None of the new collections are available in Sally Hansen 😦 They have the few of the Extreme Wear Range, complete Salon Manicure Range, couple of Sugar Coats and luster effect. At least that’s all that I have seen.

NewU polishes are their in-house brand. They have few different finishes and they also have some to-die-for glitter toppers. They had a BOGO offer and I bought four bottles. Read on more to find out how they fare 🙂


 DSC_0069  DSC_0064 DSC_0065 DSC_0068

The ones that I bought were the less expensive one. They come in cute little bottles. No one ever finishes one entire bottle of nail polish so I think this quantity & packaging is appropriate.

The colors that I purchased are (L-R) Irish Coffee, Glitter,Stone Age, Antique White.


    Irish Coffee- It is a beautiful coffee brown,which is a two coater. It is glossy even without a top coat. It looks like mannequin hands for Indian skin tones..or I’d like to believe! 😉


   Glitter- This is a topper polish which kind of looks pearly in the bottle. It gives a great shift in color when applied over another one. You cannot get this opaque on its own. (Swatch Picture: Glitter layered over Irish Creme)


   Stone Age- A matt black base with tons of silver shimmer in it. You can get away with one coat!


   Antique White- It is a beautiful pastel yellow. The formula,is honestly not as good as the previous ones. It is patchy and streaky. It is a two coater creme. It is a little runny!

I really like these polishes! They have a good selection of colors which are not available in other brands! I am in love with them.



Color Essence Liquid Lip color Review!

Color Essence Liquid Lip color Review

I feel like I haven’t done a product review in quite sometime. The last one that I did was ‘Mtv Muah by Blue heaven lip gloss‘. I wanted to review a couple of nail polishes today.. But oh,well.. This has been long overdue! I have another product review coming soon. Hopefully I will get it up before November ends because December is my ‘exam month’ and I won’t be able to blog the whole month 😦

Color Essence is another Indian drugstore brand. It is a little bit more expensive than Elle 18, but still it is pretty good 🙂

It is easily available on Ebay, Jabong, Nykaa, Amazon. But I haven’t seen them in stores nor have I seen any counter near me.

Read on more to find out how it is!

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Confetti Nail art | Easy nail design

Confetti Nail art | Easy nail design

This is a ridiculously simple technique. Yet the way it turns out, a ‘commoner’ can never guess it!


VOV- Lemon Fresh (yellow)

VOV- Naughty Sky (Blue)

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 IMGA0121 IMGA0124 IMGA0123

       Watch the full tutorial here: Confetti Nail art | Easy Nail design

Health & Glow (Nail Envy) Base Coat Review

Health & Glow (Nail Envy) Base Coat Review

Health & Glow is an outlet where you can get beauty, skin care and hair care products too. They have various outlets through out India. They have counters from Maybelliner, ColorBar, Revlon along with their home brand, if I may say so. They have nail polishes from their brand itself. I have seen top coats available in this brand too. I wanted to review these two together but when I went to pick it up, they were out of stock 😦

Starting off, let me give you the picture of base coats in India. When you go to a beauty supply store and ask for a base coat, you either get a clear nail polish or worse, a white nail polish ( They assume base coat= base color!! Seriously? :o) I have searched for base coats online too but they are expensive! I am a student and I always tend to look for something that won’t burn a hole in my pocket. For so long, I actually thought that clear nail polish, base coats and top coats were the same thing. But now I know the difference between them.

Read on more to find out whether or not they have worked.

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Pink & Silver French Nails | For Beginners

Pink & Silver French Nails | For Beginners

First off, I know I have been very inactive with my blog. Sorry about that. I have so many posts that I wanted to put up but my computer crashed 😦 From now on at least, I am gonna try and be active on my blog.

The combination of pink & silver is always adorable. I had a vague idea of what I wanted to do and it turned out so good! I am so glad that it did! It turned out to look  so festive!

I hope you enjoy!





         Watch the full tutorial here: Pink & Silver French Nails

Color Block Nails | Without striping tape

Color Block Nails | Without striping tape

I have always wanted to do color block mani but somehow I kept putting it off. This nail art was created the last day of my holidays before I went back to school. It was the day that I was supposed to get my results too! *Extra added pressure*

So I sat down to shoot some videos to get my mind off of my results. But still I couldn’t. I am not particularly happy with the color combination. But I knew anyway that I wouldn’t have this mani for more than 48 hours 😛

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      Watch the full tutorial here: Color Block Nails | Without striping tape

MTV MUAH by blue heaven lip Gloss Review

MTV MUAH by blue heaven lip Gloss Review

Last weekend, I was going though Jabong for any new,exciting offers for Diwali. While I ordered quite a few things, I also ordered two lip glosses. I had only one lip gloss which was a taupe shade with slight shimmer in it. While it is perfect for fall, I didn’t want to wear the same color everyday. Plus they had like 32% off on the website, so I thought of pampering myself with some lip gloss 😀

I wanted to try all the varieties of the MTV muah by blue heaven lip gloss but sadly I couldn’t find the colors that I liked. There is not point in hoarding lip glosses if you are never going to wear them right? I got these lip glosses on offer of 32% like I said.

Read on more to find out about it 🙂


IMGA0709   IMGA0708

It comes in a cardboard box with ‘MTV MUAH POP’ written on it. It comes in three variations- pop,punk and dazzle. The packaging is average. The top is made up of plastic. In saying that, I think these are very travel friendly.

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